Stand With Planned Parenthood

NCJW Supports Planned Parenthood and Access to Abortion Services

NCJW has long supported the work of Planned Parenthood for the critical comprehensive reproductive health care they provide. We continue to stand with them and all providers who ensure women can access safe, legal abortion.

Anti-abortion members of Congress are working to eliminate federal funds to Planned Parenthood. This is yet another example of anti-abortion politicians’ agenda to take away women’s health care and personal decision making. If their efforts are successful, it would mean denying resources for birth control, cancer screenings, and other critical, life-saving care — and would fall hardest on women struggling to get by, women of color, and young people. Take action today with NCJW!

Act Now: Urge Congress to Stand with Planned Parenthood

Urgent Action: Email your legislator

Pledge Your Support

Planned Parenthood is holding a national day of action — Pink Out Day — on Tuesday, September 29 Pink Out Day aims to mobilize women’s health supporters with rallies, speak outs, and other events to help educate communities and lawmakers about the critical reproductive health services Planned Parenthood provides. While Pink Out Day falls on the second day of Sukkot, NCJW members should feel free to participate in local events, or to engage on social media, if doing so does not conflict with your personal religious practice; NCJW sections can similarly participate if doing so does not violate your section’s policies

  • #PinkOut Your Profile Picture: Sign-up to turn your personal or section Facebook profile picture pink
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  • Digital #PinkOut: Use the #StandWithPP and #PinkOut hashtags. See attached for social media guidance. And, sign-up to join the #PinkOut Thunderclap to launch Pink Out day on social media.
  • #PinkOut selfies: On #PinkOut Day (or later that week) post #PinkOut selfies of yourselves wearing pink to #StandWithPP! (Sample Tweet/Post: “Do you #StandWithPP? Then show it! Get your pink on and post a #PinkOut selfie for #PlannedParenthood! [Insert picture of supporter in pink.]”)
  • Co-Sponsor a Rally: If your section can co-sponsor a rally in Denver, CO, Portland, ME, Seattle, WA, Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN, Philadelphia, PA, or Pittsburgh, PA, please fill out this form.

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It’s not too late! Send a Rosh Hashanah greeting to stand with your local Planned Parenthood: A little moral support can go a long way. Show local Planned Parenthood providers and staff that NCJW advocates appreciate their work to help individuals and families obtain quality, comprehensive reproductive health care. NCJW sections and members can print out and sign this NCJW Rosh Hashanah card (also attached), and then mail it to your local clinic or give to a local coalition colleague to pass along to health center staff. Consider distributing this card at a September section event!

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  • Statement of solidarity with all abortion providers
  • One of the many reasons to stand with Planned Parenthood and all abortion providers, and urge lawmakers to protect the critical health care they provide! Use the hashtag #StandWithPP

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