Our Values

Advance the Well-being of Women, Children, and Families

Renew Our Commitment to Shared Economic Prosperity

Protect Families From Predatory Business Practices

Promote Health and Wellness for All Americans

Work to End Violence Against Women

Ensure Reproductive Health and Rights

Fund Effective Sex Education in Public Schools

Protect Women’s Access to Safe and Legal Abortion

Secure and Protect Contraceptive Access for Women
In the Us and Abroad

Promote a Fair and Independent Judiciary

Ensure and Advance Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

Advance Women’s Equality in the Workplace

Promote Equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual
And Transgendered Persons

Protect and Expand Voting Rights

Balance Civil Liberties and National Security

Achieve Just, Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Promote Religious Freedom and Strengthen the Separation Between Religion and State

Support a Secure Israel and Peace In the Middle East

Advance Human Rights and Peace

Restore Habeas Corpus

End Gun Violence and the Death Penalty

Support Global Measures to Eliminate All Forms
Of Discrimination Against Women

End Child Marriage