Ensure a fair and independent judiciary

The federal courts are in jeopardy, and their independence is in peril. President Trump has over 150 federal judicial vacancies to fill, and most of his nominees so far have been extremist, uber-conservative ideologues. He has failed to consult with Democratic home-state senators before announcing nominees to the federal courts, ignoring century-long custom, and removed the American Bar Association’s confidential, objective assessment of potential judges’ qualifications from his own vetting process. Tell your senators to stand up for and defend their constitutional duty to advice and consent on federal judicial nominees!

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Hi, my name is [X], and I am an NCJW activist living in [your city, state].

The independence of our federal court system is at risk. President Trump has announced several federal court nominees without consulting with home-state senators or waiting for objective reviews from the American Bar Association. There should be no consideration without consultation.

I urge you to defend your “advice and consent” role by insisting on meaningful consultation from the White House before supporting any judicial nominee, and demand that Sen. Grassley, as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, continue to honor the longstanding tradition of requiring both home-state senators to consent to a nominee before a hearing is held.

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