EACH Woman Act

EACH Woman Act

We invite you to join the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) in an effort to raise our collective Jewish voice and demonstrate nationwide support for the EACH Woman Act.

The EACH Woman Act (HR 2972) is a landmark piece of legislation that would ensure that politicians no longer be allowed to interfere in a woman’s personal, faith-informed decisions about abortion just because she is poor or because of her insurance coverage.

The EACH Woman Act would end federal bans like the Hyde Amendment that unjustly restrict abortion access for women who obtain health care or coverage through Medicaid and other federal programs. Today, such bans fall hardest on women struggling to make ends meet, women of color, immigrant and young women—those who already experience limited access to the information, care, and resources needed for comprehensive reproductive health.

Our Coalition

NCJW was the first Jewish group to stand with the All*AboveAll coalition in support of the EACH Woman Act and we are pleased to take a leading role in promoting the Jewish groups who bolster the outspoken support of the faith-based community.

NCJW Members

As one critical step to achieving reproductive justice, NCJW is committed to mobilizing our members in support of this critical legislation. We are pleased to share our EACH Woman Act web platform, where you will find resources to educate your networks, take action and report in so that our efforts cannot be ignored.

Together We Are Stronger

This section of our NCJW website enables you to post what NCJW members and sections are doing to raise support for the EACH Woman Act. Your updates will enable us to record and publicize activities from all over the country.

Soon we will have a map showing all the cities where you have taken action, whether by: educating your section at the beginning of a program, visiting your representative, publishing a letter to the editor, giving a sermon, calling together your coalition partners from other organizations for a joint training session or a rally, or creating another action to call attention to the EACH Woman Act.

SPAs, section presidents and advocacy chairs, executive directors and FANs will all be receiving updates and new program ideas. For additional information on what you can do, contact Carly Manes, Grassroots Associate, at carly@ncjw.org.

What You Can Do In Your Community

Here are some of the ideas from our Resource Library

  • Reach out to your Representative via visit, letter, or social media
  • Submit a Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed
  • Educate your members: program, speaker, e-news
  • Inform Jewish community leaders, rabbis, and members: programs, sermons