Back 2 School Stores Back in Action!

From Pittsburgh to St. Louis to Long Island, NCJW sections are in full swing of Back 2 School store fun – and just in time for many kids starting school in August! Back 2 School stores provides families in need with a place to shop for school supplies and clothing at zero cost – and with a whole lot of dignity.

Andrea Glickman, Executive Director of Pittsburgh section, shares with CBS News the importance of the project: “These kids are going to get everything they need … to start the school year on equal footing with their peers so they can feel confident that first day.”

Pnina Knopf, Publicity Chairwoman of Peninsula section, tells the LI Herald how exactly NCJW supports so many children in need: “hundred of donors…some places give donations of items and others give money.” Because of the generosity of donors, Knopf says, the store allows kids to “make choices that they want that they might not otherwise get.”

Getting to be a personal shopper for some very happy (and tiny) clients is VP of Community Service Melissa Barris’ favorite part of volunteering at the St. Louis section’s store. In a video for the St. Louis Jewish Light, Barris says, “To see their faces light up as you take them through the store, you see how appreciative they are.”

Rhonda Quarrells, a mom of five shoppers at the St. Louis store, knows this appreciation firsthand: “When we have a carload of new supplies and things, the kids get so excited and go, ‘Mom, LOOK what I got!’ With all that America is going through today, it is so good to see a child smile.”